Old is new again

  We strive to create unique pieces that always pay 
  tribute to the emotional connection our clients have 
  with their furniture. Every piece has a story.

Nick's Wingback

MD Daybed

Angie's Pair

MD Baughman Pair

Susan's French Chair

MD Sculptural Sofa

Peggy's Dining Chairs

Siu's Settee

Silver Lining Lounge 

MD Pearsall Sofa 

Casey's Settee

Lindsay's Lounge

Malachite Chairs

Baughman Pair 

Chrome Pair

Porter's Chair

MD McCobb Stools

Sunset Chair

Karri's Wingbacks

Stitch Bench

Mod Bench

MD Chaise Lounge

Maxwell Chair

Optic Bench

Doppelgänger Ottoman