upholstery with a rebellious spirit.

Photo courtesy of Caleb Condit Photography 

Photo courtesy of Caleb Condit Photography 

recover . verb

(1) to cover again or anew
(2) to reclaim a former and better state
(3) to heal, mend, and recuperate.

Recovered Interior is not your ordinary upholstery shop. We are a full service furniture design studio offering everything from reupholstery of one-of-a-kind statement pieces to producing custom upholstery for large scale restaurant and hotel projects. We are completely invested in each piece of furniture we touch and are happy to help clients with design ideas, fabric options and also offer interior design consultations.  

In addition to these services, we have a retail collection of already redesigned pieces that have been imagined by us. SHOP HERE

So why the "rebellious spirit"? Because we don't believe in rules- mixing patterns, colors and styles have become our forte. Custom furniture and reupholstery is all about what YOU want - so break out of the beige box and be a little rebellious. 

Reinventing an old piece of furniture not only helps
to rescue a bit of history from a land fill but it also
creates a one-of-a-kind piece that has a solid structure
and a story of its own.
— Kylie Egge